Thursday, 3 May 2012


I had a meeting with Julia today to discuss the exhibition and direction of the work and I had originally come up with the idea of laying out the space like this:

I was to have the map of Bristol in the middle as a centrepiece with all of the monsters and their locations pinned on it and it would then be surrounded by the prints of my photos. The large photos would be at the top with smaller prints underneath. There would be a poster in the middle above the map and running along the bottom of the space would be the 3D props/artefacts I have created. After speaking with Julia about this layout, she pointed out that it seemed a little bit regimented and I agree. Looking at it now, the structured layout could dampen the bold, crazy nature of the ugly monster subjects in the work and it may be a lot nicer to focus on the actual work having some really big prints surrounding map and move the title down running along the bottom. It may also be an idea to remove the props, or maybe leave a few, but focus on having more sketches/monster pictures of a smaller size scattered along the bottom. This is something that I will have to think about and play with once the work is all done and see what works best, my main goal is to draw people in and have an impact.

I also discussed the actual work/illustrations I have been doing with Julia and she liked what I had come up with but felt that the monsters were a bit subtle at the moment and she knew that I could be a lot more garish and create something that shows off the nature of some of my influences and sketchbook work. I personally like the subtlety in the pictures I have been making but I think that for the purposes of an exhibition I do need to be a lot more daring and show off with bolder, louder and crazy designs. She suggested that I extend the project until Tuesday and experiment and alter the work more to achieve a more striking effect. This is great for me because at the moment I don't feel as though it would be the great display I think it has the potential to be. Here is a scan of my notes from the meeting with the suggested influences to look at.

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