Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The last push! Images being printed.

I had a final cut off date for my images today. I managed to get 13 images finished altogether, which is roughly the amount I was aiming for. I am very pleased with all of my images, they are not perfect but they are good enough for me at this moment in time and they reflect my development and the fun I had on the project.

I will give a little run down of some of the new images and old ones I have edited:

I had taken a nice little picture of this alleyway in Bristol and thought it might be nice to have monsters poking their heads out of each little doorway on either side. I then noticed that there was a sign for a barbershop. Julia suggested that I give the monsters whacky haircuts and so this was created. I added lens blur to the closest monster so it fits with the image.

I couldn't resist placing a monster onto this wrecked car, it seemed so obvious to do so. I think he may be slightly too bright but I wanted to be bold with these images so I have to be daring.

I hadn't tried turning actual humans in the photos into monsters yet and I thought I would try it out on this picture of Dan fighting against the wind with his umbrella. It started to fit perfectly as I made the umbrella a nasty monster fighting him. I actually think that this monster has some of Dan's personality.

This is my favourite of the bunch because I feel as though these monsters have the most appeal. They are extremely cute, although I'm not sure how cute the mother would be if you got close to her young ones. I also really enjoyed placing a monster out of focus in the distance. In played around with blurs and mist to get it to look right.

This was an idea that me and Julia came up with when looking at the original photo. It was a great find, to get a picture of an odd little hideaway that had a stocks that I could shove a monster in. It was fun to actually make the monsters interact with the scenery, it gives them more purpose than some of the others. 

I edited this image slightly as even though I liked the subtlety of it, I felt that for an exhibition it needed more impact. It only took an addition of one extra bright monster peering out from behind a building to spice it up. I would like to try adding in more monsters but it could spoil it.

I was really pleased with this image, it was the first one where I made a part of the scenery into a monster. This skip seemed perfect for it considering its placement in the photo and the brightness of its colour. I tried to make the arms look like toxic sludge. I think its one of the stronger images in the set.

I posted this image before but realised it needed more done to it. Just the one monster wasn't enough and so I decided to play around with placing more monsters in it. Julia suggested playing with the reflections and it seemed nice to have a monster that is out of shot but you can see his reflection in the puddle and just his hand creeping into frame. There's also a cheeky one popping his head over to have a look at what is going on.

Here is the completed monster that I wanted to live under these stairs next to the trolley, I added in a little home sweet home sign. I think I managed to get the shadow right.

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