Wednesday, 9 May 2012

One week left!

After another review with Julia yesterday afternoon, it was decided that since the pictures have been taking a lot longer to make than expected and I could push them even further, I have allowed myself another week to make a few more and get them all polished. So I need them all done by wednesday next week.

Julia liked my new found craziness to the images but we both felt that with a little bit more time, I could improve the staging in some of them and go crazy with some more photos.

For example, in this image below I want to add in a few more monsters in the background, and maybe add a reflection of a monster in the left hand-side puddle so that we know there is another monster just out of the shot.

I also got talking about the potential of other images and the ideas started to develop towards giving these monsters more of a story and more purpose. We came up with the idea that the grotty places I photographed in the city could be like a paradise to these creatures. They could be pictured in these photos like they are in their homes or on holiday there. For example in this photo below I wanted to make this little spot under the bridge like a home to this bug like creature. He has made it into a cosy are with pictures hanging up and he is feeding off of the rubbish bins. Here is the photo with a sketch of the intended character:

I will try and search for funny framing in family holiday photos and try to incorporate some of that into my designs. I hope to have about 12 - 15 images altogether by the end of this project.

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