Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Story...

I have been pondering over different ideas for the narrative of my book and after thinking of countless movie like ideas and different scenes etc. I decided that trying to recreate a film within a book isn't very readable or simple.

So I have decided to go with something ultra simple that flows across the pages quite well, here are some rough sketches to show the start of the story:

Page 1 - POV shot of boy tuning in to his "MONSTER MOVIE HOUR" show on TV.

The T.V starts to bug out and malfunction causing radioactive waves to shoot out towards the boy and suck him into the movie inside the T.V.

From here on out you see the warped boy floating across the pages through various horror movie scenes, narrowly escaping death.

I haven't thought of the specifics or an ending yet but its a start!

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  1. This sounds awesome Oliver! Have you seen this, good inspiration maybe?