Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Direction (yet again)

After a breather from the project it seems as though it doesn't hold as much excitement for me anymore. I really like the idea of a book but the idea of the narrative and story seems as though it may limit me and my creativity. I still want to work with monsters but I feel as though keeping to one style and story throughout would become a bit stale and my development as an artist/designer would become a bit restricted.

I had an interesting chat with my tutor Julia Bracegirdle today and she propositioned me an interesting little project. I am to create an exhibition for the campus studio corridor that showcases my design work with an overall theme. I showed her my current project and she loved my creature design and suggested going in that direction.

I have found some great inspiration already for exhibition ideas;

Aaron Stewart adds little monsters digitally into retro photos.
Aaron Leighton adds little creatures into city pictures.

UK based illustrator Joe List incorporates this theme into his work.
Saul Steinberg's photos of people with cardboard masks.
I want to use my monsters to create work in a similar vein to this. Using real photography and placing surreal creatures in it. I really like the idea of making them an actual physical thing however, like the cardboard masks.

With the help of Julia I came up with an idea of photography of these creatures in the wild, in locations such as the woods near Bower Ashton Campus or places in the city such as factories and waste disposal areas but then displaying their cardboard heads on plaques next to the photos like trophies as if they had been hunted.

The deadline is the 2nd of May, and I aim to get all of the work made by the 30th so that I have about a few days sorting out what I will display and getting all the printing done.

I will now work with some styles and designs and try and come up with an overall theme.

Here is a small illustration I made that I thought could be a nice starting point for style.

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