Sunday, 15 April 2012

David Shrigley Exhibition

I went to the David Shrigley and Jeremy Deller Exhibiton at the Southbank Centre in London. It served as great inspiration for this project as I am now going in the exhibition direction.

The Deller exhibit had some great pieces, large iconic typography and pop culture photography, along with a large interactive room which was great to walk through.

However Shrigley's display happened to resonate more with me and my own personality. He uses the gallery space in a way which is very unique. He sees it as a playground, a blank space to make into his own funhouse. He leads the audience to look out of windows to only find one small stickman standing out there on the balcony. Also it was nice to see small animated loops incorporated into the space, scattered everywhere, amongst oversized keys and funny little sculptures. I want to take some of his quirkiness and implement it into my exhibition, rethink how I will use the limited space I have so that I have something more than just prints. I want to draw attention to it and certain pieces, I don't want people to just glance and then pass on.

I have scanned a little Shrigley inspired doodle I made on the way home.

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